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The Perfect Trap

Don't let perfectionism rob you of your dreams.

Do you know the average number of times a person attempts to accomplish his/her goal? It is less than one time. Meaning that many of us have goals that we never begin to fulfill. I believe that one of the biggest killers of dreams is the trap of perfectionism.

Most of us dream of living full, exciting lives and accomplishing great things. We dream about creating more intimacy in our relationships. We dream about taking a new direction in our career. We dream about giving significant sums of money to the causes and people we care about. We dream about living a life of meaning that makes a positive difference in this world. But what steps are we taking to make our dreams a reality?

Too often we fail to act on our dreams because our goals are so big and we believe ourselves to be so small. We are waiting for the perfect time, the perfect situation, or the perfect version of us to appear so that we can fully pursue our goals. If you have not already realized this, let me tell you that perfect time will never come.

Don’t let the trap of perfectionism rob you of your ability to take action on your dream. You may not be able to do all that you want to do at this time, but there is something today that YOU CAN DO to bring you one step closer to your goal. Look up and see the numerous opportunities surrounding you and act on your dreams. HINT: these opportunities oftentimes come disguised as “challenges.”

When asked about what led her into a career of leadership, one of my mentors described it as “an annoying phone ringing that no one else would answer.” She saw an opportunity, disguised as a problem, and was willing to bring herself and all that she had to offer to the situation. This is the heart of leadership and the key to accomplishing your goals.

Will you answer the call?

What phones do you hear ringing within you? Don’t let your dreams die of neglect. The perfect time is NOW and the perfect person is YOU, no matter how problematic they both are. Getting into action on your goals will create the resources needed to fulfill them. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of a good and meaningful life. Bootstrap your way to success!