7 Steps to Permanent Change

At the start of the New Year, people often identify changes they’d like to see in their lives and some even set up plans to achieve this desired change. However by mid -March many of these plans have been laid aside and the goals re-framed as unattainable “wishes”. This need not be the case for you. If you are disappointed and frustrated in your current level of progress on your goals for 2011, I’d like to share with you the first of a seven step plan for making permanent change. Remember that by effectively implementing small changes, you can create an arc of change that leads you to the life of your dreams.

Once you have identified the changes you’d like to make in your life, the first step to effectively accomplishing this is to connect these desired changes with your life purpose and values. Why do you want this change in your life? How will your life be better once you’ve accomplished your goal? Purpose is the driving force that gives you the energy and inspiration to keep you going when implementing the changes you desire. The more clearly aligned your desired change is with your life purpose, the more successful you will be.

Too often we list self-improvement goals based on other people’s actions and values rather than our own. For my clients who insist that they want to lose weight but can never find time to exercise, we explore whether this goal is a personal value or something they feel they “should do.” As Master coach Kim George always says “stop shoulding all over yourself.” Personal development is NOT about making yourself conform to other people’s expectations and values. It’s about discovering who you WANT to be and creating a support structure to live out your greatness.

If there is anything on your list of positive change that you do not truly WANT to do, please cross it off the list. If you are unwilling to remove it from the list, please spend time considering how this goal connects to your core values and priorities so that you WILL want to achieve this. The answer to the question “why do you want to change” is the first and most important step in creating permanent positive change.

Please share your desired change and how it connects to your purpose. Over the next few posts, I will continue to share with you aspects of the the 7 steps for permanent change. I’m also hosting a live chat on twitter on this topic Tuesday, March 22nd at 8pm EST. To participate in the discussion simply use #7steps on tweetchat.com. You can also connect with me on twitter @coachKesha. I’m looking forward to all that we will accomplish in 2011!


4 responses to “7 Steps to Permanent Change

  • H. Art Taylor

    Thank you for this post. So many of us struggle to understand who we are and what we want. I believe that our journey through life is largely about figuring this out. You present a clear alternative: we can strive to be what others want us to be or we can seek to understand and be what we want to be. The later takes a significant amount of self analysis and reflection, as well as a sense of how we fit into the human mosaic.

    one thing I’ve decided is to spend my life encouraging change in the economic conditions of African Americans through OIC of America. I choose to do this not only because it what others want me to do but because it brings me happiness. Consequently, spending the hours and making sacrifices to achieve our goals is empowering and not exhausting. I encourage others find their reason for being and feel the joy that comes from a leading a purposeful life.

    H. Art Taylor
    Chair of the Board, OIC of America.

  • lifeinfocuscoaching

    Thank you Art for investing the time to identify your purpose and committing yourself to intentionally sharing your gifts. So often living a life of service is portrayed as “sacrifice”, but like you my experience has been that living a live of service brings me true joy and happiness. There’s a great Asian proverb that states “the defining characteristic of true compassion is that the helper and the person helped are both in need of each other for their personal growth.” Given that our lives are so interdependent, helping ourselves (and others) requires identifying and living out our purpose.

  • slot machines

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